“IoT and Me” 2021 – Short Interview with the Competition Participants

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In the last few weeks and months, the participants of the very first “IoT and Me” competition have repeatedly given us exciting insights into their projects. They presented their use cases , how they implemented them and what challenges they encountered. In order to find out a little more about it and how the trainees and students of the Minol-ZENNER Group like the competition in general, we were allowed to conduct a small short interview with some of the competitors. Be curious and listen!

You don’t know the competition yet? Then we recommend the blog post First “IoT and Me” competition started .

Sven: GPS Pet Tracker

In his blog articles ” IoT and Me 2021 – little insights into my project – GPS pet tracker” and “IoT and Me 2021 – further insights into my project – GPS pet tracker” we learned a lot about his project and its use case. In a short interview, Sven then revealed to us whether it really worked out in the end with his cat Monti getting used to the harness with the GPS tracker and what plans he has to develop his idea further in the future:


Mareica: Room Occupancy in the Health Center

After her insights in the blog article “IoT and Me Competition 2021 – Project start in the Ehrle Health Center“, you will learn in the interview, among other things, what further plans Mareica has for her implemented use case and how she coped with the implementation overall:


Larissa: Smart Home feel good

In the article “IoT and Me 2021: Insights into my project “Smart home – feel good”“, Larissa presented us with her implemented application of general air monitoring, with which she aims, among other things, to prevent migraines. But how did she actually come up with it, what difficulties did she have to contend with and what is her conclusion about the sensors provided? Listen to that and more below:


Cedric-Quirin: Heat Protection in Summer

As described in his article “IoT and Me – insight into my project – heat protection in summer“, Cedric tried to link several IoT applications at the same time. How he felt about it, how he got along with the sensors and more, he tells us in an interview with him:


Miriam: Refrigerator Monitoring

Last but not least: After her blog article “Insight into my project “IoT and Me” 2021 – refrigerator monitoring“, Miriam tells us in an interview, among other things, in more detail how she fared during the competition and how she used the provided Sensors coped:

At this point, many thanks again to all participants who were available to us for this short interview! ๐Ÿ™‚

What happens now?

Are you wondering how the “IoT and Me” competition will continue? After the participants had worked diligently on the implementation of their exciting use cases in the Internet of Things over the past few weeks and months, they recently had to submit the associated documentation to our competent jury from the Minol-ZENNER Group. In the coming weeks, they will vote on the most creative and best implementations and ultimately choose a winner. So stay tuned and soon find out here in the community blog whose idea won and what fancy prize the winner could look forward to! ๐Ÿ™‚

PS: You can also find all blog posts about the competition in the “Minol ZENNER – IoT and Me” category.

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