Hailo Digital Hub + Minol ZENNER Connect – Strong Cooperation for more Sustainability

Hailo Digital Hub Smart Waste Solutions powered by Minol ZENNER Connect
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A few weeks ago, we welcomed the Hailo Digital Hub (h16b for short) as a strong new cooperation partner at Minol ZENNER Connect. We are very pleased to be able to make an important contribution to more sustainability, a better climate and thus a better future through our cooperation. But who is and what does the Hailo Digital Hub (h16b) do? What does the joint cooperation look like? And how exactly does it contribute to more sustainability? We would like to answer these questions for you here and (hopefully) give exciting insights into our cooperation and the solutions developed by h16b.

The Company Hailo Digital Hub (h16b)

Founded in 2018, the Hailo Digital Hub or Hailo Digital Hub GmbH & Co. KG (h16b for short) is a young, up-and-coming company from Gießen in Central Hesse, Germany, and a spin-off of the traditional family company HAILO, which has existed since 1947. The ambitious and highly specialized h16b team has set itself the goal of rethinking and redesigning the future of commercial waste disposal. It therefore develops digital solutions in the field of waste management and supports other companies in the challenge of meeting growing sustainability requirements. The clever Smart Waste Solutions from h16b contribute to greater transparency, more waste prevention, more efficient waste disposal and thus more sustainable waste management in the commercial environment.

The Smart Waste Solutions of the Hailo Digital Hub

What exactly is behind the h16b Smart Waste Solutions? Put simply, it is a combination of waste bins equipped with IoT sensors and extensive AI and cloud-based data algorithms behind them. The sensors measure and record important waste data, such as filling levels and emptying times, and send this information to the data cloud for structured analysis. The processed and evaluated data is output via various APIs in the end customer’s software tools or in a separate dashboard. The knowledge gained from this, in turn, ensures greater transparency and understanding of the origin and emergence of the waste. The prerequisite for optimized and more sustainable waste management and the creation of important reports, such as ESG reports (ESG = Environmental Social Governance).

H16b + Minol ZENNER Connect – A Perfect Symbiosis

What does all of this have to do with the Minol ZENNER Connect, and why is the whole thing a perfect symbiosis? We clarify…

Digital Solution and Process Optimization by h16b

H16b primarily provides its customers with the digital solution just described and also supports them in establishing and optimizing the necessary processes for efficient waste management.

Technology Base through Minol ZENNER Connect

In the background, we as Minol ZENNER Connect provide the technological basis required for this. This consists specifically of ZENNER IoT gateways, which are integrated into the Minol ZENNER Connect LoRaWAN® network via the IoT platform B.One Middleware. The data collected by the sensors located in the waste containers are sent to the middleware via the gateways. From there they are then forwarded to the cloud and ultimately find their way into the end application used by the customer.

Visualisierung Zusammenspiel Minol ZENNER Connect LoRaWAN® Technologie + h16b Smart Waste Solutions
Visualization Interaction Minol ZENNER Connect LoRaWAN® Technology + h16b Smart Waste Solutions

Both partners thus focus on what they can do best and complement each other ideally.


Would you like to get even more insights into this cooperation and the Smart Waste Solutions from h16b? Then stay tuned for future posts. It starts with an interview with the two managing directors Christoph Erbach and Marcus Kirchdörfer, in which they reveal, among other things, from their point of view how the partnership came about and why it is so valuable. Afterwards, you can look forward to deeper insights into the solution(s) themselves.

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