Fresh air, if necessary! – with IoT sensors for room climate monitoring

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Everyone knows the situation when the air in the meeting room or classroom is oppressive after a while. Get informed in advance or evaluate climate data from classrooms, meeting rooms or your home office to better understand when it’s really time  will open the window and provide fresh air.

Use one of the many room climate sensors from the ZENNER IoT Shop and immediately use the corresponding application in B.One Gallery. for example with the indoor room climate sensor from Elsys 

  • Know when fresh air is needed and a window needs to be opened
  • Correct ventilation concept? Evaluate the data
  • Too warm, too cold, too stuffy are no longer subjective attributes.

Learn more about air quality and tired, slack participants are old news.

Find out what else you can do with this sensor and share your story with us in the community.

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