B.One Community, Gallery, Middleware & ZENNERShop – How is it all related?

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In the past and also in the coming articles you have already read a lot about the B.One Middleware, B.One Gallery, Gateways, IoT PLUG&PLAY and the B.One Community itself, but how does it all play together in the end?
Don’t be put off, together we’ll make it.

Correlation B.One Community, B.One Middleware, B.One Gallery & ZENNERShop

As the saying goes, a picture says more than a thousand words, so we have created the following graph for you and will go into the content step by step below.

Beziehungsgeflecht B.One Community, B.One Gallery, B.One Middleware, ZENNERShop
Beziehungsgeflecht B.One Community, B.One Gallery, B.One Middleware, ZENNERShop

Sensors, Devices & Gateways

All LoRaWAN®-capable end devices can be operated in the network – you will find a large selection of suitable sensors and actuators in our shop.
The measured values and status information recorded by the devices are sent to the gateways via the LoRaWAN® network.
The gateways, such as our ZENNER IoT GatewayPLUS SMART or ZENNER IoT GatewayPLUS Indoor, receive the data sent by the sensors and transmit it to the B.One Middleware.
If data is to be transmitted from the middleware to the end device (e.g. control command for an actuator, configuration changes, …), this is also sent to the end device via the gateway.

B.One Middleware

The B.One Middleware receives the data and processes it accordingly so that we can use it. In addition, all important processes for maintaining our LoRaWAN® network take place here in the background. You can find more about the functions in our blog category B.One Middleware.

B.One Gallery

The B.One Gallery receives its data from the middleware and offers us the opportunity to visualize and evaluate the measured values of our devices. You can find out more about using the B.One Gallery in our blog category B.One Gallery.


In the ZENNER Shop you can equip yourself with our gateways and sensors to implement your use cases in the Internet of Things. You can also find the link to the shop in the community in the left navigation bar (desktop) or in the so-called burger menu (mobile) or directly here.


IoT PLUG&PLAY is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with the configuration for a long time, but wants to get started right away. Here we take over the pre-configuration for you and your devices are immediately ready for use. More information can be found in the blog article “Internet of Things (IoT) – it’s really simple…” and in the shop you will find the corresponding devices in the “LORAWAN IOT PLUG&PLAY SENSORS” category.

B.One Community

We don’t have to say much more about the community, otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this article. 🙂
You can find useful information and tips & tricks for dealing with the B.One Community in our article “Your Start in the B.One Community – Areas & Functions at a Glance“.

Shop Customers & Community Members

Now we come to the most important part: you as members of our community! You may already be working with LoRaWAN® devices yourself and ideally present interesting use cases with our or other helpful sensors here in the B.One Community . By sharing your ideas with other members, you will receive feedback and suggestions from like-minded people who may have already implemented similar projects. We all benefit from this exchange of experiences and have fun implementing new ideas together.

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